Erotic Is…

I was curious as to how my fellow authors would define the term ‘erotic’ – so I asked at Total-E-Bound and Wicked Nights. These are the responses I got – if the answers appeal to you, follow the links to buy some of their works!

And I get to go first. Naturally. 😉

Erotic is…

Anticipation. Struggle. Pain, pleasure and the line in between. The forbidden, the familiar, withholding and granting… Imagination and discovery. Glances and voices and shivers and secrets. The little moments that lead to the breathtaking climax, long overdue and desperately longed for.

~ Amy Valenti, author of Shocked


Erotic is when the scene envelops you so closely that, for a brief moment, you forget how to hear, how to think, or how to breathe.

~Tanith Davenport, author of The Hand He Dealt


Erotic is … teasing. That’s why it’s called a striptease. It doesn’t do to have everything out in the open all at once. If you can see all, that’s just porn. And porn leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s nice to be kept on edge for a while, to savour the moment of anticipation. That’s why I think watching Rita Hayworth remove all of one glove inch by inch in Gilda is more erotic than the whole porn section of the local video store. And also, if you’re kept on the edge for a while, the reward is so much sweeter.

~Mina Dorian, author of Hot Buttered Strumpet


Erotic is the tingle down your spine, the flame in your cheek, the moan you suppress, and the urgency with which you turn the pages to see what comes next.

~Julie Lynn Hayes, author of For Love of Max


Erotic is…exactly what you needed before you even knew to ask.

~Rachel Randall, author of Playing with Prudence


I believe that Erotica expresses sexual desires or acts as an art form and doesn’t focus on emotion. Erotic romance involves describing the intensity of the sex between the participants to show the building emotional connection and chemistry between them.

~Luxie Ryder, author of Worth Dying For


Erotic is spicy and smooth. It’s the anticipation before the orgasm. Erotic is a breathless plunge into excitement that leaves you hot and needed.

~Sara York, author of Runaway Princess


Thanks to all the lovely authors who took time out to provide their definitions. Do you agree? Disagree? Comment and let me know – I’m going to do a follow-up with definitions from readers in a few days. There’s a free copy of Shocked in it for one of you!

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  1. Hello, Amy,

    Great definitions, all, but I really like Tanith’s comments.

    I’ll be honest – when asked “what is erotic”, I simply drew a blank, despite having written six erotic novels and dozens of stories. Maybe I should just say “I know it when I see it.”


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