In The Movie Version…

Every now and then when I create a character, I stop and think ‘who would play him/her in the movie version?’ Usually I don’t have the answer straight away, especially with male characters. But after writing 5,000 words of Suppression, it’s actually my male love interest who’s leaped from the page to the imaginary screen in my mind.

Meet Scott Thorne:

In the movie version, he’d be played by Kris Lemche. Who isn’t smiling in this picture. But my character is actually pretty laid back, and he smiles a fair amount… he also has a well-tuned instinct for sarcasm. The two can co-exist, I swear!

Thinking about my female protagonist, things get a little bit fuzzier. I haven’t even settled on a name for her yet, but since I’m writing in the first person, that’s okay. She’ll coalesce eventually.

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