Work in Progress – Suppression

So I’ve started writing the story based on the plot bunny in my last post. I’m referring to  it as Suppression, but that’s just a crappy working title for the moment. I have 1,100 words so far, for the first scene – and my protagonist hasn’t even met her soon-to-be boyfriend yet!

The first scene is kind of based on a conversation I was having with some friends a month or so ago. One of them was talking about her mother walking in on her while she was having some private time with her vibrator, and another of them said, “ALWAYS lock the door – unless you really like danger-wanks.”

For those who don’t know – is there anyone who doesn’t know? – ‘wank’ is British slang for masturbation. And the term ‘danger-wank’ just cracked me up… but scene one of this new story I’m writing is pretty much just that – lots of emphasis on the danger of being caught. Because if my protagonist is caught, she’ll get thrown off her medical degree course for being defective and never realise her dream.

So, sexy and dangerous – and I haven’t even introducted the guy she’ll be having lots of danger-sex with! I might even up the ante and make it so that the consequence of discovery is death. That might be fun. 😉

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