A New Plot Bunny

I’m not sure if ‘plot bunny’ is a term used outside of the fan fiction world. Every now and then, a new one moves into my brain, and if I feed it enough carrots and let it hop around my consciousness for a while, it grows into something I can write.

My latest plot bunny involves a society where people choosing to pursue high-flying careers (doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, law enforcement, corporate masterminds…) agree to have their sexual urges modified and suppressed, for the sake of focus and productivity. My protagonist will have faked the procedure somehow, and will have to hide it from everyone – until she meets a guy who’s also faked it…

Not sure how far I’ll be able to take it, but I’m letting it wander around in my brain at the moment. Hopefully, it’ll grow up big and strong enough to become a novella – or more.

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