News and Musings

*squee!* Dominance and Deception, my first e-novel, will be released on 10th October! This is beyond exciting. It’ll be interesting to see what the erotica-reading masses think of Zach and Faye’s exploits.

I can’t wait to see what the cover looks like. I’m hoping it won’t be like every other cover out there – because what’s up with that? The other day I grabbed a copy of a book, thinking it was the new Trudi Canavan novel, and it turned out to be some other random fantasy novel with almost identical artwork. So annoying! Everyone seems to copy everyone else these days.

In other news, my free read Lipstick hit 1000 downloads on Smashwords last night! Thank you to the 1000 people who have read it (or the one crazy individual who has downloaded it 1000 times). 😀 I’ve eaten a celebratory chocolate muffin in honour of this landmark – though if I’m honest, I probably would have eaten the muffin anyway. 😉

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