Of Pseudonyms, Sci-Fi and Videogames

Y’know, if I’d realised that ‘Amy Valenti’ was an incredibly peripheral character from a sub-par sci-fi show named Roswell (or Roswell High, if you live in the UK)… I would have picked a different pseudonym.

The thing is, in the back of my mind I probably remembered – and that’s the annoying thing. They used to air Roswell High just before Buffy the Vampire Slayer on BBC2, and I was a rabid Buffy fan. I think I tried watching the show, and by the middle of the first season I just wanted to throw things at Shiri Appleby’s character. (No offence, Shiri Appleby. I’m sure you’re lovely in real life.)

But yeah. How did this pseudonym come to be, assuming it’s not the ghost of my irritation at a disappointing show come back to piss me off?

I’m a videogame junkie. I admit it. I have a problem. That’s as far down the twelve steps I’m getting, though. I love my gaming, and I’m not giving it up. (And before anyone asks, nope – I don’t play World of Warcraft. I prefer solo gaming.) … Random tangent. Back to my point. So, there’s a game called Indigo Prophecy – or Fahrenheit in the UK. Off the point again – why do these people insist on renaming stuff for different countries? Total mystery. I mean, The Golden Compass? What the hell was wrong with Northern Lights, America?

*ahem* Right. So, in this game, there’s a character named Carla Valenti. I like the character, for the most part, and her surname is kinda cool, and also unrelated to my actual surname. So I thought, yeah, okay. I’ll go with that. And my first name is actually Amy, which doesn’t suck too badly, so… Amy Valenti. Hey, I like that! That’ll do.

Cue me getting my first erotica manuscript accepted and published, and it’s not until I decide to Google myself that… oh, yeah. :/ Now I have annoying Roswell fanfic results popping up alongside the stuff I actually want to find. *grrr*

Random post is random. I’m procrastinating.

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