A Series Transformed!

I’ve managed to claw together six stories from my Sir and Little Tease series, and make them into one continuous novel. Okay, so there are time-skips of a few months at a time, but I think it works.

So – Dominance and Deception is just over 69,000 words long, and has kink, crime, menage, switching, m/f, m/m, implied f/f, discipline/punishment, danger, angst and torture – but hopefully not in a ‘WTF is happening now?!’ way. *grins* Faye and Zach are fun to write about. And inspired by TV characters in a lot of ways, if I’m totally honest. But y’know.

Glad to move the task of proofreading it to the ‘done’ list – I have enough to go through for clients at the moment (I proofread/copy edit novels as my evening job, and work in advertising/marketing as a day job!).

I’ll leave you with my little blurb:

Submission is a dangerous game…

Faye Tate is a police forensic scientist, a switch, and secretly in love with a police detective. Detective Zach Pierce has made many enemies, but his attraction to Faye is too strong to be denied.

Can Pierce protect his submissive from those who seek to use her against him, or will her devotion to her Dom cost Faye her life?

2 thoughts on “A Series Transformed!

  1. transcan says:

    Way to go Amy!! Can’t wait see to how you’ve got this all put together. :o) It’s going to feel a bit funny seeing my favourite characters in disguise, but if they stay true to the way we’ve come to love them, that will go away in a hurry. Thanks for sharing them and this awesome news!

    • Amy Valenti says:

      Thanks! I always knew I’d written a series long enough to be a novel, but that was totally different from actually sitting down with a novel in mind. Weird how things turn out!

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