Chemistry in Erotica

I’ve read a lot of stuff that just doesn’t speak to me – kind of the written equivalent of the tradesman ringing the housewife’s doorbell, her answering wearing nothing but a skimpy underwear set and oh, hey, they’re gonna have sex for no reason…

What’s important – for me, at least – is the build-up. I’m not the type to plunge right in – the UST (unresolved sexual tension) is the best part, by far. There’s something about the will they?/won’t they? stuff – even though you know they eventually will – that just makes it so much more exciting.

If one or both characters play hard to get, so much the better! It just makes it that more rewarding when the payoff does eventually come.

I’m also a fan of erotica that doesn’t end with “I love you.”/”I love you, too.” Sex doesn’t have to mean undying love. It doesn’t have to mean marriage proposals and pregnancy and the classic happily-ever-after as society would deem fit. That’s actually pretty boring – to me, at least. That’s not to say that I don’t want my characters to be in love – I just don’t want them to have the heartfelt talk about how exactly how much in love they are. It’s more powerful if it’s unspoken.

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