It Finally Happened!

Maybe this is going to come across as too much self-justification, and I’m aware of that. 😉

I expected from the moment I uploaded Cursed and Compelled that someone would read it and hate me for making it a parody. It starts out pretty standard for an archetypal paranormal romance, and then takes a pretty sharp downturn for the ridiculous toward the end.

Today I got the review I’d been expecting from the start. Basically: ‘the ending sucked.’

I’m actually not going to argue with that. If you download something to read and expect hot shapeshifter sex, you’re going to be a little bit annoyed by what I did in the story. I apologise for the cock-block… but it was listed in the comedy section, and tagged with the word ‘parody’.

I’m not going to be crying into my pillow over this one, I don’t think. I haven’t had anyone lay into Shocked yet… When someone does, I’ll probably have a bit of a sniffle over that!

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