Too Personal

This is a question I get asked a lot:

“You’re a lesbian? Then why do you write hetero sex scenes?”

That’s kind of an eternal mystery for me, too. I don’t tend to write much F/F erotica, even though I’ve identified as a lesbian (as opposed to bisexual) for a good six years now. I’ve got a couple of theories as to why:

1) It’s too personal.

I have no idea if this is the reason why I don’t write much F/F – but I think it would be a reason why I wouldn’t share it. Since I have absolutely no desire for cock, the stuff I write isn’t based all that much on my own fantasies.

2)  The dynamic is different.

M/F erotica isn’t predictable, exactly, but it’s definitely a different dynamic to F/F and M/M. Because I’ve been writing M/F since I thought I was straight, it’s an easy format to write in.

I’ve only tried writing M/M a couple of times, but I found there was altogether too much penis involved (strange, that). And F/F is either too close to home, or a lot harder to set out in words. Plus, if you’re writing in third person you always have too many instances of ‘she did this to her, wait… which her am I talking about?’

Maybe one day I’ll come to some sort of epic realisation that explains all this a bit better. Until then, I’m in the dark!

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